The Benefits of a Tax Depreciation Report on your Residential Investment Property

The following comments apply to most residential rental properties. There are some subtle variations, but as a guide this will normally apply. CAPITAL WORK You can more than likely claim depreciation on the construction costs of the house or any… Read more

Tax Depreciation on Residential Properties Explained

The following comments are relevant to most rental properties. There are many subtle variations, but as a guide this will normally apply.   Capital Allowance   Houses or units starting construction after 15 September 1987, will attract depreciation on the… Read more

End of the 2019 Financial Year is near

Well now the dust is settling on the 2019 Federal Election and Negative Gearing will remain untouched, it is hoped that Investors can return to the market to take advantage of great property pricing in the Central Queensland region at… Read more

Why one should engage a qualified Quantity Surveyor

This is where our institute, the AIQS has completely dropped the ball. On one hand they force us to be Registered Tax Agents to be allowed to do Quantity Surveying work, then on the other hand allow “companies” like the… Read more

Marketing Myths

Just having a read of a brochure prepared by a large Tax Depreciation firm and it lead me to “put pen to paper” to dispel some of the myths commonly found in these glossy brochures. Here are 3 beauties all… Read more

Changes to Residential Tax Depreciation following the 2017 Federal Budget

In their wisdom the government is trying to do their bit for housing affordability. I am not going to even try and discuss how making investment property less attractive to investors will increase affordability…   The main change: An item… Read more

New Rental Property Owners’ Checklist pre 30 June

Recently Purchased a Rental Property? Here’s your 30 June Checklist to help get the required information ready for your accountant. Data your accountant will be looking for: Date the property was available for Rent Settlement Statement (Shows date, legal costs,… Read more

Guide for Rental Property Owners

The Australian Taxation Office has recently released their Rental Properties 2016 document. A worthy read for owners of investment properties. Click the link below to download a copy. Download Rental Properties 2016 Of particular interest on page 25 is the… Read more

Tax Depreciation Explained

With 30 June looming I thought I would jot down a quick summary of the Tax Depreciation process for those still a little unsure about it.   Your own accountant should be suggesting these reports. If not, be sure to… Read more

Busy Brahman week of interesting discussions

Well last week was a busy one.   Monday 16th saw the Capricornia Chamber of Commerce meeting at Frenchville Sports Club. As well as our speakers – Helen Quaife from State Development and Jason Foss from Almost Anything, we had… Read more

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