Why one should engage a qualified Quantity Surveyor

This is where our institute, the AIQS has completely dropped the ball. On one hand they force us to be Registered Tax Agents to be allowed to do Quantity Surveying work, then on the other hand allow “companies” like the one in the graphic below to continue to practice.

This is an advertisement from a “Quantity Surveying” firm (Yes I use the term loosely)  who work in this region. They are  looking for “Property Inspectors”. Any requirement to be a Quantity Surveyor? No. But hey you must be presentable and have your own car. What a joke.


I have not raised my fees for a decade or more and still get told “oh I can get a cheaper price”.


This is why folks. There are many firms around, with the full blessing of our beloved institute who operate like this. Most valuation firms also operate using this method. Send a valuer around to do your Tax Depreciation Schedule and “she’ll be right”. Madness…….

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