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Just having a read of a brochure prepared by a large Tax Depreciation firm and it lead me to “put pen to paper” to dispel some of the myths commonly found in these glossy brochures. Here are 3 beauties all found in the one brochure:


“Accountants Recommend”

There is no such thing as a “preferred property depreciation specialist” despite what is written in a brochure.

Neil Richardson Quantity Surveyor is often recommended to clients by Accountants and Real Estate agents due to his dealings with them over the last 20 or so years. Such referrals he receives are based on nothing other than his getting the job done properly.

Note there is nothing such as a “preferred” specialist.


“ATO Compliant”

This particular brochure states that the company’s schedules are “ATO Compliant”

There is absolutely no such thing as an ATO compliant schedule. Purely and simply this is garbage.

In order to prepare these schedules, a Quantity Surveyor must be a Registered Tax Agent under the provisions of the Tax Practitioners Board. That is as far as any compliance goes. The ATO has nothing to do with the reports.


“Professionally trained staff will inspect your property”

Note that in many cases that does not guarantee you will get a Quantity Surveyor to your property. Many firms send trained monkeys to the property only to have one central Quantity Surveyor sign off on your report. How can that Quantity Surveyor put correct costs on items if he or she has never seen the property?

Neil inspects every property and prepares every report himself.



Hope this is of some use when it comes to sorting the wheat from the chaff when looking for an experienced and qualified Quantity Surveyor to prepare your depreciation schedule.


Neil is not only qualified but has over 20 years experience in preparing tax depreciation reports.

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